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Selecting a Water Heater

May 5, 2014 Plumbing Mooresville Plumber, Water Heater Repair Mooresville
If you know in advance a water heater replacement is in the future, here are some helpful tips to selecting the right one.
Energy Efficient: Many new water heaters have the Energy Star rating, this means that the water heater meets or exceeds the standards of energy efficiency set forth for that appliance. Energy Star rated appliances are designed to save you money on your electric and gas utility bill and ultimately pay for themselves with that savings.
Size/Capacity: How much hot water do you need? Make certain, especially with a tank filled water heater, that your water heater can supply enough hot water to meet your needs. Take into consideration:
  • How many people will need hot water
  • How often hot water is used
  • What appliance use hot water:
    • Dishwasher
    • Clothes Washer
    • Etc…
Fuel: What energy source will your new water heater require? Don’t buy a gas water heater if you don’t have gas available in your home, unless you are prepared to convert over and absorb that expense as well. All home have electricity, even though gas is more efficient, an electric water heater may be your best choice.
Tank Filled: This is the most common type of water heater and has served us all very well. The average tank filled water heater will encounter heating element issues once or twice during its lifetime, so be advised of at least one and maybe two interruptions in your hot water while the elements are replaced. Also; element replacement are typically a quick two hour repair and rather inexpensive.
Tankless: This model has become very popular in the recent decade. They are also referred to as “On Demand” or “Endless” hot water because the water is heated as needed. Here is how it works:
  • As you request water to your shower, the water passes thru the tankless water heater and is heated instantly and flows to your shower
  • When you complete your shower, the water heater stops heating water.
  • Never ending hot water!
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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