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Water Softeners Lake Norman

Water softeners and purification systems have been on the rise for quite a while now. The technology of improving the quality of our household water, including our drinking water, is a big business. Manufacturers of these whole home water purification systems spend millions of dollars to research, design and manufacture their systems, along with promoting them to us plumbers and homeowners.
Most of the water I test in our Huntersville/Lake Norman area is considered “Hard” (which basically means the PH is 8.5 or higher) and the homeowner is requesting a water softener system. We install quite a few of these each year, so I thought I would address some facts about water softeners.
Here are a few facts about water softeners:
  • Water softeners use a process call “ion exchange”
  • Hard water passes thru a softener mineral tank
  • Calcium and/or magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium/potassium ions
  • The mineral tank will require replenishing occasionally
My Process:
  • I will test your water for its PH balance (this is a free test) to determine hardness.
  • I will determine what type of water system is best for your situation
  • We will install the preferred system
  • I will demonstrate how the system works
  • I will provide information on how & when to add minerals or schedule a time for me to come do it
I like to make things easy for my customers, so if you are considering a water softener for your Huntersville home, call me, the local Lake Norman Plumber.
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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