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8 Reasons to call LKN Plumbing

April 27, 2014 Plumbing, water heater repair Cornelius NC Plumber, Water Heaters Cornelius NC
1. Experience: We have collectively over 60 years of experience, I have 30 myself and we understand plumbing. If it leaks; we stop it, if it’s broken; we fix it, if you need to upgrade; we install it! Experience makes the difference and we have fixed, and installed every type of plumbing apparatus and appliance imaginable.
2. Timeliness: When your water heater is out or your drain won’t drain or your pipes are busted, you are not interested in getting it repaired later. We are very prompt and attentive to your needs and schedule. We often rearrange our schedule to accommodate emergency needs.
3. 24/7/365: Plumbing issues often happen overnight, simply because it gets a lot colder here at night and in the south, plumbing may not be prepared for extremely cold nights. You call, we come!
4. Weekend Rates: We have the same rates on evenings and weekends as we do during the week. I always felt that charging extra to fix something on the weekend is unnecessary, so I have set our rates exactly the same regardless of the time or day of the week.
5. Stock Parts: I keep all our trucks stocked with the most common plumbing parts needed to fix almost anything that we encounter. We even have a selection of water heaters at our warehouse to install on weekends and nights when the appliance stores are closed.
6. Local: Lake Norman Plumbing has been service the area for over 3 decades. We live, work and shop here just like you. When you hire us, your money is recycled back into your local economy, not an out of state franchise.
7. Courteous: We promise to be friendly and courteous on every visit and phone call. I understand the stress you are dealing with when an emergency plumbing situation arises and there is no need for your plumber to add to that. We appreciate your business and it shows.
8. Responsive: I answer all calls personally and return all calls if you get my voice mail. When I’m out of the office, the phone rolls over to my cell, so I don’t miss any calls and it rolls over to one of my technicians when I am unavailable. We take you call and are responsive to your plumbing needs.
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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