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Gas Water Heaters in Huntersville

Many of our customers in Huntersville with Gas Water Heaters often ask about the overall performance and expectations from a gas water heater. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding gas water heaters we hear.
  • Q) Are gas water heaters more efficient than electric water heaters?
  • A) Yes, in most instances they are. Although the cost of gas has risen percentage wise, more than electricity in recent years, the overall efficiency and performance from gas, exceeds electricity.
  • Q) Are gas water heaters more expensive that electric?
  • A) No, they generally are comparable in price, but it depends on the model, capacity and vendor you purchase from.
  • Q) Which is easier and faster to install, gas water heaters or electric ones?
  • A) There generally is no difference in installation or time. Installation variables include: Location of the water heater and ease of access to the heater.
  • Q) Are gas water heaters better than tankless water heaters?
  • A) Tankless water heaters come in gas or electric, so it’s a matter of opinion.
  • Q) How many gas water heaters has LKN Plumbing installed?
  • A) If I had to estimate, over 1000 successful installations of all varieties of water heaters with approximately half being gas operated.
  • Q) What do you recommend as a replacement?
  • A) My recommendation involves evaluating each circumstance. An electric water heater will work in any home; if gas is available I recommend it because it’s more efficient.
There are several variables to consider before replacing a water heater, I prefer to educate the home owner of all their choices and the benefits of their decision.
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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